Healthy Diet

Nutrition is the science that deals with all the various factors of which food is composed and the way in which proper nourishment is brought about. The average nutritional requirements of groups of people are fixed and depend on such measurable characteristics such as age, sex, height, weight, degree of activity and rate of growth. Below are some of our healthy diet programs.

Our Health Nutrition Program

Health Nutrition

Nutrition is one key to developing and maintaining a state of health that is optimal for you. In addition, a poor diet coupled with a sedentary lifestyle are known to be risk factors for life- threatening chronic diseases and death: Heart disease, Stroke, Hypertension, Diabetes and some forms of Cancer. Together these diseases account for two- thirds of all deaths in the United States. The major health problems in the United States are largely caused by excessive energy intake and not enough physical activity.

Single Session: $90  |  3-Session Package: $240
5-Session Package: $385  |  10-Session Package: $720

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Our Weight Care Program


These days, more and more people are placing importance on keeping physically healthy. This can be seen by the amount of people who are joining gyms and sports clubs, going on diets, and spending on private health insurance. One of the biggest areas of concern in this area for women is keeping a healthy weight, this is because it not only effects their overall level of physical health, but is also recognized as playing an important role in mental and emotional well being, and self perception as well.

Single Session: $110  |  3-Session Package: $260
5-Session Package: $415  |  10-Session Package: $775

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Healthy Receipes

Healthy Receipes

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